Genius hour blog 2

Right now I have been working on my website and I have some of the levels put down on my website. It took me a while to figure out how to set up the boxes so I could put the levels in order and they would be organized. I also have got a video and I’m ready to put it on my website. I’m also thinking about showing the class some of the skills that I can do. I’ve also put some pictures of me from my old gymnastics days. My goal is to get the video on the website and make a page about gymnasts, how much they practice, and how they have time to practice and have a normal life. What I have learned is that most gymnasts are home schooled because they don’t have enough time for school because they have to practice like 9 hours a day. In 5th grade for my friends b-day we went to chows gym, which is where Gabby Douglas trains and her and all the people she trains with train for 10 hours a day. I also wanna learn how much it costs for most gymnastic places. Lastly I wanna know how to explain each of the tricks in the levels.

Genuis Hour Blog 1

So far I have been focusing on learning the different levels that are required in gymnastics. This topic is important to me because I used to be in gymnastics like 3 years ago and I forgot a lot of the stuff and I think it would be fun. My goals for this project are to learn about different gymnasts and different teqniques. I never did competition so I never knew about the different levels so I’m exited to learn about them I will now when I have met my goal when I know pretty much all of the skills and some stuff about the different gymnasts. I have documented down all the way up to level 5 and have started my website. My website has a couple pictures. I don’t really get how to work the website thing yet but I think I will figure it out. I also plan on having a few videos of me doing gymnastics on there! Some of the obstacles of doing this topic is that there are so many different types of skill things with each level. For example each level has a beam level, a floor lever, and a bar level. I think I have it figured out though!!





My trip to BVU

My trip to the colloge was fun! When we first got there somebody took us all to the bathroom, then we split into the groups they put us in. I had a good group on the bus, I got to sit by my best friend and that was the best part of the trip. But then we got split up and I was sad cause one of my other friends that was in my group got sick so I was like alone. It was a really nice school and it was really big. What suprised me is that they had like open lunch thing, that was really cool! I don’t really wanna go there because you have to live there and there dorm rooms are kinda small. The main reason I think they picked for me to go to that colloge is becuase they work on law enforcement. I want to be in law enforcement when I’m older so maybe I will go there. Also there was this really cool room where students can go and hang out and you can see the whole football field it’s so cool! Also there lunch was awesome! I hope to maybe tour there again sometime!


I have decided to focus on gymnastics for my project. I have decided to do this as my topic because gymnastics used to be my favorite sport but then I stopped doing it and forgot most of the skills. My goal for this project is to learn almost all the gymnastic tricks and how people do them. Also I wanna learn what skills are in each level and maybe about different gymnasts. I plan on measuring these goals on how many skills I can learn. If I learn all the ones I can. I think this will be a kinda hard topic to talk about because I’m going to have to explain how to do the tricks. That’s gonna be the tricky part! It’s important to me because I want other people to know how fun gymnastics is and it’s not that hard if you start it. But if you do make sure to have a pro help you!

Derek Rose

My favorite basketball team is the Chicago Bulls. My favorite player on the Bulls is Derek Rose. He is my favorite player because he’s just so good and he’s a point guard like me! His number is 1. He was drafted for the Bulls in 2008. He was named the NBA’s league MVP in 2011. He was born on October 4th, 1988. He lived in a tough section of Chicago, Illinois, only raised by his mother. The nation’s number 1 high school point guard, Rose played for the University of Memphis before declaring for the 2008 NBA Draft after his freshman year. In Rose’s first NBA season (2008-09), he averaged 16.8 points and 6.3 assists per game, earning Rookie of the Year honors and leading the Bulls back to the playoffs.

In his personal life Rose has  became a father for the first time on October 9, 2012, when his longtime girlfriend, Mieka Reese, gave birth to a son, Derrick Rose Jr. Also he gets a lot of criticism because he gets hurt a lot and the past few years the bulls haven’t been to great but they got a new coach, Fred Hoilberg who is a really good coach. Right now they’ve got 36 wins and 36 loses but we’re gonna end up number 1. I got this info from

week 10

I wrote 7 blogs and they were all based on the challenge. I recieved 2 comments. I got 2 comments on 2 different posts. I think I got comments on the posts because they were my best posts. The picture blog thing, where we got to pick a picture and right about it was my favorite blog that we did. I liked that one because I got to right about volleyball and I know a lot about it so it was easy. I didn´t have any over seas people on my blog roll. I used pictures to make my blog creative. This blog challenge was fun, i can´t wait to do it next year!!

French fries

Is there anyone who doesn’t like French fries? There are few things better in life than the wafting smell, the golden color, the crunchy first bite, and the light fluffiness of a French fry. Around seven per cent of the potatoes grown in the U.S. end up being sold by McDonald’s. They sell more than ⅓ of all the French fries sold in restaurants in the U.S. each year. Did you know that over 50% of Americans get french fries with there meals everyday. But are these delicious potatoes ruining our world? Yes, French fries are a serious contender for the most unhealthy foods that people eat regularly. They can cause tiredness, heart problems, over weight, ect.  So why do people still eat them? I think its because almost every restaurant has it on there menu so people can´t resist and there so good! The world wouldn´t be the same with out these delicious potatoes! Also they are  popular in countrys all over the world



Volleyball is my favorite sport because its so fun. My team worked together so well, everytime we got a ace we would do this little cheer thing. My best memory is when the other team served it and it hit me right in the face and we kept playing it and scored. Another fun thing about it was just riding the bus and going to the away games. I think that our team worked together better than any of the other teams. We were always cheery and would cheer each other on. I hope we all play together in the future cause we did really good together. Emma and I were the setters and we would switch during every rotation and we did a good job telling each other who was gonna set that time. We only won 3 times but we did really good in every game but we versed really hard teams but I am proud of our team and I cant wait tell next season!!!


Kids who are bullied have a hard time standing up for themselves. They think the kid who bullies them is more powerful than they are.  Bullying can make them sad, lonely, feel sick, bully other people, ect.  So why do people do it? There are many reasons but some of them are that they wanna copy there friends, they think there better than the person they are bullying, or they think bullying will help them fit in. But there wrong bullying wont help anything besides get you in trouble. When kids see bullying, they may not know what to do. They may feel depressed or worried. They may be absent from school because they don’t feel safe. They may join in or stay silent so they won’t get bullied themselves. Some raise there voice to the bully but some just watch. The best thing to do if you see someone getting bullied is to tell an adult so they can help.

Another thing is animal abuse. Did you know that over 1 million animals are abused each year?!? Why do you think there is so many? I think its because no one stands up for the animals they see but they just walk away. The animals cant stick up for themselves there owner can just beat them and do whatever they want and the animal cant do anything. So next time you see someone abusing a animal call the police or animal rescue for help.

Approximately 5 children die every day because of child abuse. Same with the animals they cannot stick up for themselves. So if you notice that a kid has bruises or you see it happening call the police as soon as you can. RAISE YOUR VOICE!! It could save a life.